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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you ship orchids out of the USA ?

We do ship phalaenopsis orchids outside of the USA. There are extra costs and difficulties. Please email us with your request. Currently our online shop does not accept international orders.

Shipping Costs
We ship international order by Express Mail International (EMS) by the US Post Service. This is usually US$ 50 for a box of 6 orchid flasks.

Phytosanitary Certificate Fee
Most countries require that imported plants accompany by a Phytosanitary Certificate issued by the country of origin (the USA) to certify that the plants are healthy and pest-free. This cost is US$120 per shipment.  We would recommend our customers to pool an order with other growers in the region to share the expense of this fee and shipping cost. You may contact us to be introduced you to orchid growers in your country to place an order together.

Other Costs
You may be required to have an import permit to receive live plants. There maybe a cost associate with an import permit. Please find out from our country if you would need one. If Texas Department of agriculture tell us that you need one for your country, we will not be able to ship your order until you have provided us a copy of an import permit.

Your country may charge you a duty tax on the total value of your order. This rate varies so please find out from your country.

Risks of International Shipment
CITES regulations required that the orchids be shipped in the flask with gelled medium to show that these are artificially propagated and not wild collected. We have no control over how the box is handled by shipper. It is our experience that shipment should take 5-7 business day. This is an estimate because the order may have a prolonged stay at the custom. We cannot take financial responsibility if the plants are killed during the shipping process. Our customers must decide if it is worth the risk.

Payment and Minimum order
At present, we do not have a minimum order. Due to additional cost of shipping and Phyto certificate, our customer usually order several plants or flasks to fill a small box.

Our preferred payment method is direct deposit to our bank account for international order - due to the added security measure of receiving international credit card.

Contact Us by E-mail if you have further questions about receiving orchids from us.




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