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This site is dedicated to growing orchids. Big Leaf Orchid's specialty is phalaenopsis orchids because of their long lasting flowers, as well as a diverse selection of flower sizes, colors, and patterns. Our interest in phalaenopsis is also the artistry of breeding. We maintain a finest selection of phalaenopsis as our breeding stock to come up with something better and different.

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Shop at our online store for selections of phalaenopsis species A to Z, by color, by type - novelty, fragrant, compact, plants in spike.  We are mail-order store and we do not have a walk-in store front.

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Flowering Phalaenopsis selections

New Phalaenopsis Selections

 List of Our Phalaenopsis Hybrid

Link to our phalaenopsis hybrid posted on phalaenopsis discussion forum

Phalaenopsis Discussion Forum

Join our discussion forum to exchange growing tips, ask questions, and learn with phalaenopsis orchid growers from around the world.

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Phalaenopsis Photo Gallery

We have taken thousand of phalaenopsis photos since 1996. Currently the photos are presented in two format

Phalaenopsis Pylo's Giga Deer