Phalaenopsis Liu's Berry 'SW' in buds

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Phalaenopsis Liu's Berry 'SW' in buds

Post by peterlin » Thu Mar 02, 2017 4:13 pm

Someone on ebay asked me to compare Phalaenopsis Liu's Berry and Phalaenopsis Liu's Cute Angel

Both are very similiar breeding, compact multiflora type. Flower size is comparable at 3-4 cm. Phalaenopsis Liu's Berry 'SW' this clone is quite vigorous - easy to grow and produce many flowers.

This is the first season I have Phalaenopsis Liu's Cute Angel from Chin Yo - which is flowering now.

Phalaenopsis Liu's Cute Angel has slightly wider lip than Phalaenopsis Liu's Berry - the difference between using Phal parishii vs Phal lobbii.

Both breeding have Doritis pulcherrima in the background - that makes these hybrid easy to grow and rebloom.

Phalaenopsis Liu's Berry (Phalaenopsis Eduardo Quisumbing X Phalaenopsis parishii)

Phalaenopsis Liu's Cute Angel (Phalaenopsis Jiaho Cherry X Phalaenopsis lobbii)
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Re: Phalaenopsis Liu's Berry 'SW' in buds

Post by naturegirl72 » Tue Mar 07, 2017 12:03 am

Great info - thank you!
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