Some paph from Redland

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Some paph from Redland

Post by peterlin » Mon Jun 05, 2017 8:07 pm

MS-em Paph emersonii $70
MS-ven Paph venustum $30
P-esq-a Paph esquirolei var. album $55
P-GN Paph Gloria Naugle $35
PMT02 Paph malipoense $45
P-ven-a Paph venustum var. album $30
P-vol Paph volonteanum $45
HS210 Paph (Wossner Black Wings 'Arco' SM/TPS X rothschildianum
rothschildianum 'Arco') $40.00
HS213 Paph (Wossner Black Wings 'Arco' SM/TPS X rothschildianum 'Arco') $40.00
P-hang Paph hangianum BS $90
PMC027 Paph liemianum var. spotted leaves $40
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