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Phalaenopsis Species

There are about 60-80 species in Phalaenopsis. We can divide these into 3 groups based on their specific need in cultivation.

Spring blooming (this group can be kept at 65F in the winter, ideal temperature is 70-78F.  Flowering can be induced by keeping plant in 67F for 2-4 weeks)

Summer blooming (this group needs to be kept 70+ F year round, flowering is induced by long day and short night)


Product ID Product Image Item Name Qty. Price
MS-BB Phal bellina var coerulea

Phal bellina var coerulea

1 $45.00


sp-3cy Phal corningiana x sib

Phal corningiana x sib

1 $25.00


DZ03 Phal cornu-cervi 'Red Wanchiao' AM/TOGA

Phal cornu-cervi 'Red Wanchiao' AM/TOGA

4 $30.00


sp-53fp Phal cornu-cervi var. flava 'Peloric'

Phal cornu-cervi var. flava 'Peloric'

4 $25.00


C570 Phal japonica (syn Sedirea japonica)

Phal japonica (syn Sedirea japonica)

1 $15.00


sp-22ss Phal lueddemanniana 'Summer Solstice' HCC/AOS

Phal lueddemanniana 'Summer Solstice' HCC/AOS

0 $75.00

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M312 Phal sanderiana 'M312'

Phal sanderiana 'M312'

5 $35.00


G567 Phal sanderiana ('Silver Leaf' x 'M312')

Phal sanderiana ('Silver Leaf' x 'M312')

8 $28.00


MS1068 Phal speciosa (syn tetraspis) MS1068

Phal speciosa (syn tetraspis) MS1068

1 $20.00


F1604s Phal stuartiana 'Star Wars' X self

Phal stuartiana 'Star Wars' X self

3 $25.00


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