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Phalaenopsis Species

There are more than 50 species in the genus of phalaenopsis with flowers of various shapes, size, and colors. Some flower in the spring with shape that attract moth, while some flower mostly in the summer months with fragrant flowers. Most of these are artificially propagated and they adopt well to home or greenhouse culture. In most cases all items are seed grown where the flowers are expected to look similar to the reference photos. Items that are propagated via cloning or divisions will be noted as such in description and accompany by a clone name.

Product ID Product Image Item Name Qty. Price
sp-AV Phal aphrodite subsp formosana var. varigated

Phal aphrodite subsp formosana var. varigated

4 $30.00


WH-B Phal bellina (clone) - Mature Size

Phal bellina (clone) - Mature Size

3 $35.00


PM772 Phal bellina var. coerulea (Blue)

Phal bellina var. coerulea (Blue)

2 $35.00


Ku5-SS Phal gigantea 'Shreveport Spring'

Phal gigantea 'Shreveport Spring'

1 $1,000.00


YP9927 Phal mannii (mannii 'Black' x self)

Phal mannii (mannii 'Black' x self)

1 $25.00


TM1109 Phal philippinensis (philippinensis X sib)

Phal philippinensis (philippinensis X sib)

2 $18.00


B62 Phal speciosa 'C#1' x sib

Phal speciosa 'C#1' x sib

7 $20.00


TM1234 Phal violacea (violacea '16' X violacea '10')

Phal violacea (violacea '16' X violacea '10')

1 $15.00


MS1100/MS2203 Phal violacea var alba

Phal violacea var alba

3 $25.00


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