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Harlequin Phals

Harlequin phalaenopsis are referred to exotic phalaenopsis flowers results from mutated Phal. Golden Peoker flowers with dark beet-purple pigments. In the last 5 years, hybridizers have used Phal. Golden Peoker to create a wide array of colorful flowers. In most cases harelquin phalaenopsis are longer lasting than standard white phalaenopsis in same growing condition.

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MG-1 Phal Mituo Golden 'Mituo#1' AM/AOS

Phal Mituo Golden 'Mituo#1' AM/AOS

2 $45.00


MG-3 Phal Mituo Golden 'Mituo#3'

Phal Mituo Golden 'Mituo#3'

0 $85.00

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