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We started Phalaenopsis Discussion Forum in 2003 to create an on-line community devoted to growers who share the passion to cultivate phalaenopsis orchids.

While most information and photos are available for public, we ask that you request an account with us to post and to view additional fourms and topics.  This forum is sponsored by Big Leaf Orchids, we have created a customer only forum to notify our customers of our latest products.  If you have made a purchase with us in the past, please let us know and we would be happy to create an account for you and to grant your account access to customers forum.

How to Join

In an effort to keep spam, offsensive postings away from this forum, we ask new user to e-mail us to be added to this forum.

In your e-mail, please complete the following information.

1. What is your full name?
2. Where do you live ? (City, Country)
3. How long have you been growing phalaenopsis orchid ?
4. Are you a member of an orchid society ?
5. How or Where did you hear about this forum ?

1. Pick a username

E-mail your request to phal @ – remove the space between phal and @.
Please provide a valid e-mail address to be notified that your account is created and password to login.  The administrator will create your acount before you can log in. This is usually done within 48 hours.  Please check your email software if email may have been filtered (i.e. check your Junk Email or Spam folder).

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