Phalaenopsis Brother Princess 'Hai-Tung' HCC/AOS


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Parentage: (Phalaenopsis Princess Spot X Phalaenopsis Misty Green)

This is an old favorite. This cultivar 'Hai-Tung' was awarded March 16, 1990 at 4th Taiwan International Phalaenopsis Show

At time of award, flower size was 7.1 cm NS, 7.3 cm NSV "Four rose-purple maculated white flowers and two buds on one inflorescence; lip midlobe displays distinct purple-red; substance heavy.

These are clones from stem propagation. Imported from Zheng Min Orchids.

2.5 inch pot, Near mature size.  5-6 inch leaf span. About 6 month from flowering.

Fragrant flowers.