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Phalaenopsis Cassandra 'Little Prince' AM/AOS

Phalaenopsis Cassandra 'Little Prince' AM/AOS


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Parentage: (Phalaenopsis equestris X Phalaenopsis stuartiana)

This is a clone. Limited quantity produced by stem propagation. we have strong plant growing in 1.7 inch pot ready to be transplanted to 2.5 inch pot.

This cultivar 'Little Prince' is the prettiest Phalaenopsis Cassandra that we have seen. It is very colorful.

Awarded in 1998. Award description "Twenty-four flowers and 48 buds on two arched, branched inflorescences; dorsal sepal and petals white suffused with light purple with dark red-purple on proximal half; sepals white with red-purple dots on superior half, light yellow with red-purple dots on inferior half; lip purple-red with yellow dotted side lobes; substance firm; texture matte."


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