Phalaenopsis Katie's Fierce Frog - F2116 seedling


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Parentage Phalaenopsis Pylo's Flame 'A1' x Phalaenopsis Sogo Shito

These are seed grown. We paired a non-fading yellow Phal. Sogo Shito that gets better with age, with our best deep orange red flower. We are expecting red to yellow red marking flowers. These are seed grown. Expect each flower to look different. Some will look like pod parent, some will look like pollen parent, and some will be in between.

Young first bloom plant can have up to 5-6 flowers.  Larger more mature 2nd year flowering plant should have 2 spikes with more flowers.

First flower to open is bloomed by our customer Alla Avery. Flower color is rust orange red that looks similar to Phal. Tying Shin Forever Love, a parent of Phal. Pylo's Flame.

8-10 inch leaf span, planted in 2.5 inch pot.  About 3-6 months to flower.

There is also a reverse cross, sku F2115, where Phal. Sogo Shito is the pollen parent and Phal. Pylo's Flame 'A1' is the pollen parent.

We named the orchid after our dear friend Katie Richardson who bravely fought Cystic Fibrosis all her life and passed away in March 2020 at the age of 54. She was a fiercely loyal TCU Horned Frogs fan and a forever friend.  We hope that her memory lives on through the beauty of this flower and that it brings awareness to CF and those still fighting the disease.