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Phalaenopsis (KS Little Red x schilleriana) Seedlings


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Parentage: Phalaenopsis KS Little Red KSM-129 x Phalaenopsis schilleriana

If you like your phalaenopsis with beautiful foliage.  This new hybrid from Kung Sir Orchids has that.  Phal KS Little Red = Phalaenopsis Venus × Phalaenopsis Silbergrube

Phal Venus is Phal lindenii x Phal equestris.

Phal Silbergrube is Phal lindenii x Phal celebensis.

We are expecting a very floriferous display of pink flowers from this pair.

These are young seedling grown in 1.7 inch pot. About 4-6 month from flowering.  

Like Phal schilleriana, this hybrid will require quick wet and dry cycle.  These are grown in moss.  We would suggest growing these in a basket so moss will dry out quicker.

We are unsure if this hybrid will get its fragrance from Phal schilleriana and Phal equestris.  The result should be interesting.   

Limited quantity.