Phalaenopsis (LD Java Turtle X Yungho Gelb Canary) seedling


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Parentage (Phalaenopsis LD Java Turtle X Phalaenopsis Yungho Gelb Canary) 

These are seed grown. Interesting combination that has genetics from Phal gigantea and Phal javanica.

6-8 inch leaf span, planted in 2.5 inch pot.  We have not yet bloomed from this hybrid.  

More Information:

Phalaenopsis LD Java Turtle is new hybrid registered by Leader Orchids in 2020.
Phalaenopsis LD Mok Chio × Phalaenopsis javanica, where Phal LD Mok Chio is Phal Mok Choi Yew x Phal LD Bear Queen.