Phalaenopsis Leucadia Princess Cordova 'Memoria Ralph Smith' HCC/AOS Flowering


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Parentage: (Phalaenopsis Cordova X Phalaenopsis Princess Kaiulani)

Classic red phalaenopsis, registered in 2000. This plant has a lot of history. I got this plant as a stem prop from my buddy Meir Moses at Orchid Konnection in 2006. At the time Meir named it 'Leucadia'. When it was awarded in 2006 - Meir renamed the cultivar from 'Leucadia' to 'Memoria Ralph Smith'. At time of award this flower was described as "sepals and petals chartreuse, heavily overlaid oxblood, chartreuse picotee; lip vibrant purple, midlobe burnt orange, heavy oxblood spots, side lobes yellow, purple distally; column blush lavender, anther cap white; substance very firm; texture waxy; fragrant."

Ralph Smith was an interesting, funny and kind person. I met him at his greenhouse in San Diego back in 1998.

Large plant growing in 2.5 inch pot. Stem propagated.  Since this flower bloom in warmer month, it's more spotted in apperance. In cooler month, red color will appear to be more solid.  See first photo for award photo record.

Photo Date: June 24, 2021