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Phalaenopsis (March Jewel x LD Java Canary) 220805 Flowering


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Parentage (Phalaenopsis March Jewel x LD Java Canary)

Phalaenopsis javanica hybrid together with fragrant novelty Phalaenopsis hybrid.  

Seed grown. Short flower spike due to Phal micholitzii and Phal javanica influence.

Flowering as shown in 2.5 inch pot.

Photo Date:2022-08-05

More Information:

Phalaenopsis LD Java Canary - new hybrid registered by Leader Orchids in 2020.
75% javanica, 12% amboinensis, 6% violacea, 6 micholitzii
(Phalaenopsis javanica × Phalaenopsis San Shia Sunrise)

Phalaenopsis San Shia Sunrise = Phal Yungho Gelb Canary x javanica

Phalaenopsis March Jewel = 
Phalaenopsis LD Emerald Bear × Phalaenopsis micholitzii