Phalaenopsis Mituo Gelb Eagle 'Pylo' AM/AOS 211221 Flowering new


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Parentage: (Phalaenopsis Zheng Min Muscadine x Phalaenopsis LD's Bear King)

This is our awarded cultivar of Phalaenopsis Mituo Gelb Eagle made by Mituo Orchids. 

Mature size, Flowering in 2.5 inch pot.  Older plant will produce more and better flower quality.  This plant is produced via stem propagation.  Fragrant flowers.

Photo Date : Dec 21, 2021

This cultivar 'Pylo' was awarded on May 14, 2016 at Dallas Center Monthly Judging Judging Center.

Award description "Four flat, stellate flowers on two short inflorescences; flowers brilliant, dark yellow, magenta halo around column; lateral sepals inferior half overlaid magenta; lip magenta, brilliant yellow basal margins, side lobes yellow; column light magenta, anther cap dark magenta; substance heavy, texture matte."

At time of award, flower size measures 5.0 cm x 5.3 cm NSV