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Phalaenopsis Mituo Speciosa X bellina coerulea 'Super' - New Seedlings


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Parentage: (Phalaenopsis Mituo Speciosa X Phalaenopsis bellina coerulea 'Super)

This is seed grown.  Latest selection from Mainshow Orchids in Taiwan.  Large near mature size seedling About 6 inch leaf span, growing in 1.7 inch pot. 4-6 months from flowering.  Ready to be transplanted to 2.5 inch pot.

Phal Mituo Speciosa = Phal LD's Bear King x speciosa.  Both parents have coerulea in the background. Some of these could delight us with bluish violet color.  Phal Mituo Speciosa is a good parent when paired with another flower with coerulea color.  For example, AMM11 Phal Mituo Speciosa Dragon  (Mituo Reflex Dragon 'Blue-2' AM/AOS X Mituo Speciosa 'Mituo #1')

Because these are seed grown, each plant produces unique flower.  

Photo illustrates the parent flowers used to create this new Phalaenopsis hybrid seedling.