Phalaenopsis Nobby's Green Eagle 'Golden Country' AM/AOS, SM.1st/WOC


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Parentage:  (Phalaenopsis Gelblieber X Phalaenopsis Nobby's Fox)

We are honored to introduce this awarded phalaenopsis to our customers. This particular cultivar 'Golden Country' was awarded AM during Taiwan International Orchid Show by visiting AOS judges on March 4, 2010. Award description reads "Fourteen bright, exotic flowers and four buds on five inflorescences; sepals and petals green-yellow, white centrally; lip white, yellow basally; substance hard; texture waxy; fragrant."

Earlier this year, April 28, 2021, this plant received first place and silver metal award at virtual World Orchid Conference.

Big Leaf Orchids is the exclusive seller in the US of this plant, representing Nobby Orchids. This plant was produced in limited quantity by stem prop.  

We are offering large mature size plant with leaf span at 16 inch leaf span. 4 inch pot.  Flower spikes were removed for shipping/import.  We can expect these plants to rebloom later this year or next spring.