Phalaenopsis Pylo's Girl 'Best Red'


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Parentage: (Phalaenopsis Texas Passion 'Peter Lin' X Phalaenopsis Penang Girl 'Peter Lin')

This is our hybrid registered in 2017. Original cross number is F9-25.  Pod parent is one of the best seedling we bloomed out from a compot we got from our friend Meir Moses or Orchid Konnection.  Pod parent was a hybrid made by the late Dr John Martin of Evergreen Hill Orchids, but registered by AOS judge Jerry Brandenburg in 2003.  We made this hybrid to keep the larger flower size of pod parent and to get that fragrance and orange-red color from pollen parent.

'Best Red' is one of the best seedling we bloomed out.  It's more purple-red than fire engine red.  It has a light fragrance.  This flower has heavy substance and it is long lasting.