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Phalaenopsis schilleriana x sib


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These are seed grown.  Originated fromTaiwan.

These have beautiful foliage, large mature size plant growing in 2.5 inch pot.  Most of these are spiking now to flower soon.  Order your plant early as we will not be able to ship these safely once the spike gets too long.

These are growing in moss.  However for growing indoor, we would recommend growing these in clay pot or net pot so that moss will dry out quickly.  This species does not like its root staying wet when temperature is lower than 65 F.

After acclimate in your growing area - these can be repotted into open mix (mix of fir bark top with a thin layer of moss), or mounted to cork plaque for quick wet/dry cycle.

In our greenhouse, we keep these in moss as we don't soak the moss (especially on new arrival).  If you keep these in moss, water carefully.  dispense a small amount of water - so moss stay damp and not wet.  

This species usually flower in late Winter to early Spring in North America.  Fragrant flowers.