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Phalaenopsis Sweet Memory (syn. Phal. Liodoro)

Phalaenopsis Sweet Memory (syn. Phal. Liodoro)


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Parentage: (Phalaenopsis Deventeriana X Phalaenopsis violacea)

known in trade cloned by Dutch as Phalaenopsis Liodoro.

Mature size with over 12 inch leaf span to flower soon.

These are large, beautiful plants imported from Taiwan.  Our guess is that these could clones of 'Bonnie Vasquez' AM/AOS.  However there is no way to verify this as suppliers are not interested to provide a clone name.

Classic phalaenopsis from the original cross made in the 1980s.  This hybrid remains popular 40 years later because plants grow well and flowers are large 3 inches and very fragrant.


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