Phalaenopsis Tabasco Tex 'Garnet Glow' AM/AOS


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Parentage:  (Phalaenopsis Princess Kaiulani X Phalaenopsis George Vasquez)

Classic fragrant solid purple phalaenopsis originated from Leucadia Orchids. 

These are stem propagated.  young mature size plant in 2.5 inch pot.  Flower quality gets better when plant is larger.  To flower in 3 month.

Extremely fragrant.

Award No: 20182352  Awarded on July 13, 1996   "Three flowers and two buds on one inflorescence with undeveloped side branches; sepals and petals dark fuchsia with a subdued pattern partly expressed in the texture; lip midlobe slightly darker, side lobes yellow proximally changing to white with fuchsia dots distally; column dark fuchsia becoming white at tip, white ring basally; low flower count and arrangement detracted from score."

At time of award, Flower size  5.0 cm x 4.5 cm NSV

Mature size, 12 inch leaf span in 2.5 inch pot.  3-6 month from flowering.