Phalaenopsis Yaphon Gelacea 'Peter #3' AM/AOS


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Parentage: (Phalaenopsis Yaphon Gelblitz X Phalaenopsis Chang Maw Jade)

These are clone from stem propagation. Imported from Zheng Min Orchids.

2.5 inch pot, 6 inch leaf span. About 6 month from flowering.

Beautiful waxy Phal micholitzii hybrid.  

Our plant was recently awarded on Feb 8, 2020. 6.0 cm NS x 6.5 cm NSV
From award description
"Eight star-shaped, flat, well held flowers and one bud on six short inflorescences; flower base color ivory; sepalS and petalS proximal halves marked chartreuse forming a halo, heavier on lateral sepals, tips chartreuse; lip midlobe marked golden yellow proximally, side lobes golden yellow centrally; column and anther cap ivory; substance heavy; texture waxy."