Phalaenopsis Yaphon Star Diamond '6602' - new


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Parentage: (Phalaenopsis ANMIO Yellow Bat X Phalaenopsis Chia E Yenlin)

This is a clone. Mature size 8-10 inch leaf span, in 2.5 inch pot. This is a colorful hybrid made with a multiflora yellow and a multiflora harlequin.  About 2-4 months from flowering.

This hybrid will produce many flowers on double spike when plant is older.  Phal equestris, 22.28%  This hybrid loves to flower.

Interesting peloric flowers where petals look like lips.

New Imported plant from Taiwan.  We have not bloomed this clone yet. 

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Phal. ANMIO Yellow Bat = Sogo Pride x ANMIO Pride
Phal. Chia E Yenlin = Sogo Yenlin x Formosa Cranberry

Important note - peloric flowers can be unstable.  Although this is a clone, there could be a slight variation from flower to flower. In a few case flower could revert back to normal petals.  If this is a concern, please wait for flowering plant to become available at a later date.