Phalaenopsis Mituo Love 'Rainbow' AM/AOS

Phalaenopsis Mituo Love 'Rainbow' AM/AOS

This colorful, awarded novelty Phalaenopsis originated from Mituo Orchids Mr Chen Dong Hsien in Taiwan. It was made by pairing Phal Mituo Prince 'Rainbow' and Phal LD Bellina Eagle. Hybrid flask was available in 2015.

You may see this plant sold as 'Rainbow 520'.  The reason is original hybrid cross number is AM520.  When this plant was exhibited by our friend and client, Mike Mims, we decided on 'Rainbow' with the permission from Mr. Chen.

This is an excellent hybrid. Sister plant 'Rainbow Too', or 'Rainbow 2' is also very nice.

Like its parent Phal Mituo Prince 'Rainbow', Phalaenopsis Mituo Love 'Rainbow' AM/AOS blooms on small plant.  Leaves are beautiful and round. We are appreciative that Mituo Orchids make limited number of plants via stem propagation to share with hobbyists. 

This plant was first available in 2020 and 2021, sold under stock number MO662.

We are pleased to share with our clients that a fresh batch of  Phalaenopsis Mituo Love 'Rainbow' AM/AOS is now available.  New Stock number is MCL174.  Limited available quantity as of this writing.

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