Acclimate Your New Phalaenopsis

Be mindful your new plant has spent 2-3 days in shipping without light. Change of growing environment can be stressful to plants.  We do not recommend repotting your new phalaenopsis right away.

  • Do not water completely right away.
  • Keep new plant in a shaded, cool 78-80 F, low light, low air movement, humid area (70-80% relative humidity)
  • Quarantine 2 weeks
  • Give new plant time to adjust from shock of shipping or growing environment
  • Use spray water bottle to mist the top layer of moss.
  • Slowly increase water and light each week
  • If your plant arrives with flower or buds, it is not uncommon for flower to not survive the shipping. Plant may take 1-2 months to adjust new growing area. Novelty phalaenopsis will either make new buds from existing inflorescence or make new spike in season May-October.
  • Wait for sign of new growth – either new leaf or root tips. Repot from moss into a bark mix if your growing area does not work with sphagnum moss. Repotting should be done during warmer months.

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