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Phalaenopsis (amboinensis 'I-Lan' x Jennifer Palermo) - Seedlings

Phalaenopsis (amboinensis 'I-Lan' x Jennifer Palermo) - Seedlings


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Parentage: Phalaenopsis (amboinensis 'I-Lan' x Jennifer Palermo 'CTL#1')

New phalaenopsis from CTL Orchids in Taiwan. 

Mature size seedlings planted in 2.5 inch pot. Some of these will bloom by Summer of 2024.  

Pod parent Phal Jennifer Palermo is a primary hybrid of Phal. tetraspis and Phal. violacea Indigo.  Paired with a colorful, floriferous amboinensis.  We can expect fragrant, multiple color star shape flowers from these.

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