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Phalaenopsis Brother Ambo Passion 'Orchid Konnection'

Phalaenopsis Brother Ambo Passion 'Orchid Konnection'


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Parentage: (Phalaenopsis amboinensis X Phalaenopsis Hannover Passion)

'Orchid Konnection' is a choice plant from Meir Moses.  This flower originated from a flask purchased from Brother Orchids in the 1990s.

These are clones made by stem propagation.  These are mature size 8 inch leaf span.  They will need to be larger to have same flower quality as pictured photo.  

Bright light and cooler temperature will make barring look more solid.  This plant will flower at various time of the year. You should see a difference in flower appearance depending on season.

This plant is a proven breeder too. We have used it to make this wonderful hybrid which has received an award of quality AQ from American Orchid Society.

Phalaenopsis Pylo's Eagle Passion  (Phalaenopsis Brother Ambo Passion 'Orchid Konnection' X Phalaenopsis Dragon Tree Eagle 'DT#1' AM/AOS)


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