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Phalaenopsis Mini Mark (Clones)

Phalaenopsis Mini Mark (Clones)


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Parentage: (Micro Nova X philippinensis)

These are clones, recent import from Taiwan.  Mature size in 2.5 inch pot.

Flowering season is Winter to Spring.  From spike to opening first flower is about 7-8 weeks. Flower size is about 3 cm.  Flower has a mild fragrant.  May rebloom in summer  

Phalaenopsis Mini Mark is a delightful miniature that produces many small white flowers with bright orange lip.  These are clones. Therefore they will bloom on small plant such as these.  Phalaenopsis Micro Nova is a primary hybrid between Phalaenopsis maculata and Phalaenopsis lobbii.  Species Phalaenopsis is a miniature - plant never gets larger than 3-4 inch leaf span in cultivation.

Growing Tips - let the media dry out quickly in between watering. To do this we would water slightly (use spray water bottle to squirt a few times into moss). Moss should dry out within 2-3 days. For longevity this plant does best growing in an open mix - bark charcoal sponge rock with a thin layer of moss on top to maintain humidity. You can also use moss with net pot or clay pot so moss will dry out quicker.  We had a plant in our collection since 2004.  It was sold earlier this year after we had it for 17 years. It produces 2-3 keiki for us during this time.

The need for media to dry out quicker is that species parent Phalaenopsis philippinensis and Phalaenopsis lobbii do not tolerate roots staying wet for more than 2-3 days - plant can perish quickly if roots stay wet and temperature is below 65 F.

Re fragrance "If flowers just opened, wait a few more days for flowers to become fully mature. Also it's only fragrant part of the day.  Try it at different time.

Many people said this flowers have a light fragrance.  It's not very strong.  Some people can smell it.  Some cannot
These are young plants.  When older, plants will have more flowers at which time fragrance will be more noticeable"
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