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Mituo Orchids

Phalaenopsis Mituo Blue Sphinx - Seed Grown

Phalaenopsis Mituo Blue Sphinx - Seed Grown


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Parentage: Phalaenopsis (Mituo Reflex Dragon 'Blue-2' AM/AOS X Mituo Blue Bear 'Mituo B1') 

New phalaenopsis from Mituo Orchids in Taiwan. A few of these are blooming on small plant 4-6 inch leaf span.  Ones that bloom are bluish violet color. Fragrant flowers.

A few of these seedlings are starting to flower on young plant. We are expecting high percentage of bluish violet colored flowers from this pair.

This hybrid has 60% of Phal violacea/bellina influence - so it's no surprise that a few managed to flower this summer to give us an early preview. The majority will need to be grown for 6 month to flower well next summer.

Pod parent 'Blue-2' is an awarded flower. Plant is easy to bloom and carry many flowers on larger mature plant.  Paired with another blue parent 'Mituo B1', we are expecting more blue colored flowers.

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