Phalaenopsis Mituo Gelb Eagle 'Pylo' AM/AOS


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Parentage: (Phalaenopsis Zheng Min Muscadine x Phalaenopsis LD's Bear King)

This is our awarded cultivar of Phalaenopsis Mituo Gelb Eagle made by Mituo Orchids. 

Mature size 8-10 inch leaf span planted in 2.5 inch pot.  Older plant will produce more and better flower quality.  This plant is produced via stem propagation.  Fragrant flowers.

Not in bloom.  About 3-6 month from flowering.

This cultivar 'Pylo' was awarded on May 14, 2016 at Dallas Center Monthly Judging Judging Center.

Award description "Four flat, stellate flowers on two short inflorescences; flowers brilliant, dark yellow, magenta halo around column; lateral sepals inferior half overlaid magenta; lip magenta, brilliant yellow basal margins, side lobes yellow; column light magenta, anther cap dark magenta; substance heavy, texture matte."

At time of award, flower size measures 5.0 cm x 5.3 cm NSV