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Phalaenopsis Pylo's Princess Star 'Texas' HCC/AOS

Phalaenopsis Pylo's Princess Star 'Texas' HCC/AOS


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Parentage: (Phalaenopsis Yungho Princess Gelb 'HF' X Phalaenopsis Star of Dixie 'Riverside' HCC/AOS)

This is our hybrid, original cross number is F9-06. We combined the best novelty from Taiwan and US to make this awarded flower. Pod parent is a proven breeder from Huey Fong Orchids in Taiwan.  Pollen parent is a colorful Phalaenposis fasciata hybrid from our mentor HP Norton of Orchidview.

This flower was awarded April 8, 2017. At time of award flower size measures 6.0 cm x 5.8 cm "Three full, flat flowers and two buds on three branched inflorescences; sepals and petals green-gold, concentrally barred oxblood; lip ivory, midlobe overlaid rose; column and anther cap white; substance firm, texture matte"

Larger older plant will carry more flower.  Note that flower appearance will vary from light and temperature.  Flower has a light sweet fragrance.

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