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Big Leaf Orchids

Phalaenopsis Pylo's Sofia 'Peter's Pride' HCC/AOS

Phalaenopsis Pylo's Sofia 'Peter's Pride' HCC/AOS


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Parentage: (Phalaenopsis Sogo Lawrence X Phalaenopsis Fancy Mania)

This is our hybrid, created for colorful flowers with fragrance. Flowers are very fragrant - due to having fragrant parents - and species Phal lueddemanniana influence.

This was awarded on March 11, 2017

Flower size is 6.2 cm x 6.8 cm

Award description "
"5 elegantly shingled flat garnet flowers and six buds on one branched inflorescence; sepals and petals finely barred deeper garnet; lip deep garnet, side lobes white, stippled magenta distally; column white suffused magenta; anther cap white, substance hard; texture waxy)

Mature size plant to flower again in 6 months or sooner.

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